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Mg. Alejandro G. Stankevicius
(ags at

Departarmento de Ciencias e Ingeniería de la Computación
Universidad Nacional del Sur
San Andrés 800, Campus de Palihue
Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Tel:  (54) (291) 459-5135
Fax:  (54) (291) 459-5136

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Since I agree with the ideas behind the free software movement, you'll find most of the teaching material I've ever written available for download under the GNU Free Documentation License in this page. FIXME: Hacer esa página.

Research (investigación)

Main Interests 

Master's Thesis

Un Modelo Dialéctico para la Deliberación Multiagente. It roughly translates to "A Dialectical Model for Multiagent Deliberation". Available as: [PDF] [PS] [PSZ] [BiBTeX]

Selected Publications

You can find the rest of my publications here.

Personal Interests (intereses personales)

The concept of free software is quite impressive. Even if you haven't heard about it, chances are you do have one or more pieces of free software running on your computer. For instance, the operating system GNU/Linux is composed of free software, the web browser Firefox is free software, or even the web server giving you access to this document (called Apache) is free software. Free software is not only free as in free beer (which is a nice addition), but it is also free as in free speech. Free software allows me as a user to not give up my own freedom, which in the end, is priceless.

So, after reading a bit on the net about free software you think you might give it a try.... excelent! I invite you to take the next step, start replacing those non-free pieces of software in your computer with free software. The are many lists of instant replacements for the usual applications. Some people complain about having several alterntives for replacing a single non-free program, but recall that free software is about free-ness, so not even that is impossed upon you! Ask around, somebody will gladly lend you a hand or provide you with a copy of that particular piece of software you're needing (now that he/she is free to do that). See how all the pieces fall into place?

On other topic (not entirely unrelated), my late wife was vegan and I still am. Wonder what that is, hey? Well, you can check wikipedia to get the standard encyclopedic answer, but browsing the web of the vegetarian union might provide a broader background as to why people do willingly stop eating meat and other animal derived products. If you're interested in this subject, you can start by checking this flyier from vegan outreach (available in Spanish as well).

Other Stuff (otros)

The projects I'm working on on my spare time (which is, unfortunately, not much!):
Another project I also work on my spare time, this one not related with computers:
The man who started it all, Richard M. Stallman, speaks about why he uses free software, and more importantly why you should too in this speech (Ogg Theora codec required).

Finally, my public key, usefull if you want to send me a totally secured mail or check the authenticity of my digital signature. It is also available from the key server at MIT.

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