Day 1


Wednesday 14th


08:00 to 09:15


Registration Desk

09:15 to 09:30

Opening Ceremony

Main Auditorium

09:30 to 10:30

Opening Lecture: Ana Conesa (Univ. of Florida & CIPF)
"Unraveling  novel transcriptome functional features by NGS technologies"

Main Auditorium

10:30 to 11:00

Coffee Break

Building Hall

11:00 to 11:45

Invited Lecture: Edgardo Ferrán (IPBS & EBI)
"Alpha-beta switchability in protein secondary structures"

Main Auditorium

11:45 to 12:30

Invited Lecture: Georgina Stegmayer (UNL)
"Machine learning for *omics data mining"


Chair: Cristina Marino Buslje

Main Auditorium

12:30 to 14.00


Building Hall

14:00 to 14:45

Special Session: Biotecnology
Invited Lecture: Fernando Carrari (INTA)

Computational Biology Tools applied to Functional Genomics in a crop model species with Biotechnological purposes"

Main Auditorium

14:45 to 15:15

Invited Lecture: Viviana Echenique (UNS)
"Bioinformatic tools for understanding apomixis in Eragrostis curvula (Schrad) Nees"

Main Auditorium

15:15 to 15:45

Highlights Track: Sanchez-Puerta (Paper ID-2)
"The mitochondrial genome of a hybrid plant"


Chair: Hae Kyung Im

Main Auditorium

15:45 to 16:15

Coffee Break

Building Hall

16:15 to 17:00

Special Session: Mathematical Biology
Invited Lecture: Silvina Ponce Dawson (UBA)
Messages, messengers and the Bicoid protein"

Main Auditorium

17:00 to 17:30

Invited Lecture: Marcelo Costabel (UNS)
"Where computational modelling meets molecular biophysics. Tools and data analysis in structure-function relationship"

Main Auditorium

17:30 to 18:00

Highlights Track: Yimi Amarillo (Paper-ID: 18)
"Ionic Mechanisms Underlying the Subthreshold Oscillatory Properties of Thalamocortical Neurons"


Chair: Andrea Bel

Main Auditorium

18:00 to 19:00

Roundtable Discussions. 
"Exploring and redefining the scope of Bioinformatics as discipline".

Chair: Gustavo Parisi (A2B2C President)

Main Auditorium

19:00 to 20.30

Posters Session & Pizza Party

Building Hall

Day 2


Thursday 15th


09.30 to 10:30

Papers Session I: Systems Biology & Genome Organization
Lucas Maldonado (Paper ID-6)
uillermo Pratta (Paper ID-34)
Gustavo Gasaneo (Paper ID-39)


Chair: Marcel Brun

Main Auditorium

10:30 to 11:00

Coffee Break

Building Hall

11:00 to 11:45

Invited Lecture: Ariel Chernomoretz (F.I.Leloir)
"Network Biology for disease genes in next generation sequencing era"

Main Auditorium

11:45 to 12:30

Invited Lecture: Luis Diambra (CREG-UNLP)
"Gene networks from expression data"


Chair: Marcel Brun

Main Auditorium

12:30 to 14:00


Building Hall

14:00 to 14:45

Invited Lecture: Damiano Piovesan (Univ. Padova)
"Protein function prediction in the CAFA era"


Chair: Nicolás Palopoli

Main Auditorium

14:45 to 15:45

Papers Session II: Prot. Struct. & Function Pred.
Alexander Monzon (Paper ID-42)
Gonzalo Parra (Paper ID-52)
Patricio Barletta (Paper ID-61)


Chair: Nicolás Palopoli

Main Auditorium

15:45 to 16:15

Coffee Break

Building Hall

16:15 to 17:00

Invited Lecture: Giovanni Minervini (Univ. Padova)
"The von Hippel-Lindau cancer syndrome: bioinformatics tales from a challenging disease."


Chair: Nicolás Palopoli

Main Auditorium

17:00 to 17:30

Highlights Track: Javier Iserte (Paper-ID: 22)
"I-COMS: Interprotein-COrrelated Mutations Server"

Main Auditorium

17:30 to 18:30

Papers Session III: Prot. Struct. & Function Pred.
Emilio Fenoy (Paper ID-16)
Alejandro Mechaly (Paper ID-24)
Alejandro Icazatti Zuñiga (Paper ID-25)


Chair: Nicolás Palopoli

Main Auditorium

18:30 to 20.00

Posters Session & Drinks

Building Hall

21:00 to 24:00

Conference Dinner

La Chacarera

Day 3


Friday 16th


09.30 to 10:30

Papers Session IV: Sequence Analysis
Massimo Andreatta (Paper ID-3)
Ignacio Eguinoa (Paper ID-10)
Cristian Yones (Paper ID-41)


Chair: Georgina Stegmayer

Main Auditorium

10:30 to 11:00

Coffee Break

Building Hall

11:00 to 11:45

Invited Lecture: Hae Kyung Im (Univ. of Chicago)
"Whole genome prediction of gene expression levels and application to disease gene mapping"


Chair: Georgina Stegmayer

Main Auditorium

11:45 to 12:15

Highlights Track: Lucía Chemes (Paper ID-63)
"Convergent Evolution and Mimicry of Protein Linear Motifs in Host-Pathogen Interactions"


Chair: Georgina Stegmayer

Main Auditorium

12:15 to 14:00


Building Hall

14:00 to 14:45

Invited Lecture: Marcel Brun (UNMdP)
Pattern Recognition Techniques for Genomics Signal Processing"


Chair: Roxana Elin Teppa

Main Auditorium

14:45 to 15:45

Papers Session V: Functional Genomics & Metagenomics
Agustina Pascual (Paper ID-29)
Mónica Fabbro (Paper ID-32)
Estefania Manchini (Paper ID-50)


Chair: Roxana Elin Teppa

Main Auditorium

15:45 to 16:15

Coffee Break

Building Hall

16:15 to 17:15

Closing Lecture: Alejandro Giorgetti (Univ. Verona)
"Evidence for a Transient Additional Ligand Binding Site in Bitter Taste Receptors"


Chair: Mónica Fátima Díaz

Main Auditorium

17:15 to 17:45

Closing Ceremony & Best Posters Awards

Main Auditorium

Highlights Track





M. Virginia Sanchez Puerta, Mikhajlo Zubko and Jeffrey Palmer

The mitochondrial genome of a hybrid plant


Yimy Amarillo, German Mato, Angela Tissone and Marcela Nadal

Ionic Mechanisms Underlying the Subthreshold Oscillatory Properties of Thalamocortical Neurons


Javier Iserte, Franco Simonetti, Diedo Zea, Elin Teppa and Cristina Marino-Buslje

I-COMS: Interprotein-COrrelated Mutations Server


Lucia Beatriz Chemes and Ignacio Enrique Sánchez

Convergent Evolution and Mimicry of Protein Linear Motifs in Host-Pathogen Interactions

Oral Presentations





Massimo Andreatta, Edita Karosiene, Michael Rasmussen, Anette Stryhn, Søren Buus and Morten Nielsen

Prediction of peptide-MHC class II binding affinity with improved binding core identification; implications for the interpretation of T cell cross-reactivity


Lucas Luciano Maldonado, Juliana Assis, Flávio Gomes Araújo, Izinara Rosse, Natalia Macchiaroli, Marcela Cucher, Mara Rosenzvit, Guilherme Oliveira and Laura Kamenetzky

New high-quality genome of a platyhelminth parasite: Comparative genomics of three species of the genus Echinococcus.


Ignacio Eguinoa and Ignacio Enrique Sánchez

PATENA: an algorithm for the design of protein linker sequences


Emilio Fenoy and Morten Nielsen

Development and comparison of stability and affinity based networks


Alejandro Mechaly, Ariel E. Mechaly, Oswaldo Tovar, Jordi Viñas, Guillermo Ortí and Gustavo M. Somoza

Phylogenetic and gene/protein structure analysis of two paralogous kisspeptin receptors (kiss2r and kiss3r) in pejerrey (Odontesthes bonariensis)


Alejandro Ariel Icazatti Zuñiga, Osvaldo Martin and Jorge Vila

Validation and Determination of nucleic acid structures from NMR 13C chemical shifts


Agustina Pascual

Comparative and functional genomics of Chagas disease vectors


Mónica Fabbro, Maria Belén Carbonetto, Santiago Revale, Soledad Romero, Bianca Brun, Mariela Sciara, Analia Seravalle, Guadalupe Méjico, Fabián Fay and Martín Váquez

Bioinformatic Analysis of the Argentine Human Microbiome - A pilot study


Paula Macat, Marta Quaglino and Guillermo Pratta

Heterosis for tomato fruit polypeptide profiles assessed by permutational MANOVA


Leonardo Dimieri, María Luján Freije and Gustavo Gasaneo

A step towards a unifying model for eye movements


Cristian A. Yones, Georgina Stegmayer and Diego H. Milone

miRNAss: a semi-supervised approach for microRNA prediction


Alexander Monzon, Cristian Rohr, Maria Silvina Fornasari and Gustavo Parisi

CoDNaS 2.0: a database of conformational diversity of native state in proteins


Estefania Mancini, Ruben Gustavo Schlaen, Ariel Chernomoretz and Marcelo Yanovsky

ASpli: an integrative R package for the analysis of alternative splicing using RNA-Seq


R. Gonzalo Parra, Rocio Espada and Diego U. Ferreiro

Local Frustration and the Energy Landscapes of Ankyrin Repeat Proteins


Patricio German Barletta, Marcia Anahí Hasenahuer, Gustavo Parisi and Sebastián Fernandez Alberti

Active site pocket dynamics in the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Kinase






Carolina Lia Gandini and María Virginia Sanchez-Puerta

Analyses of foreign plastid sequences in plant mitochondria


Ernesto Rotondo, Alejandro Fendrik and Lilia Romanelli

Mathematical model for self renewal of epithelial intestinal tissues


Ariel Aptekmann, Ignacio Sanchez and Alejandro Nadra

A sequence and structure based model to explain information content relation with growth temperature.


Alexander Monzon, Diego Zea, Maria Silvina Fornasari, Silvio Tosatto and Gustavo Parisi

Protein disorder promotes protein conformational diversity


Emmanuel Luján, Alejandro Soba, Nicolás Visacovsky, Liliana Guerra, Guillermo Marshall and Cecilia Suárez

In silico generation of tumor invasion patterns


Diego Manuel Luna, Eugenia Nazzi and Rodrigo Gonzalo Parra

Sequence-Structure Analysis of the WD40 Protein Family


David Moi, Daniela Megrian and Pablo Aguilar

Exploratory search strategies and Phylogenetic Analysis of Fusogenic Proteins in Eukariota


Leonardo Lucianna, Germán Burguener, Ezequiel Sosa, María Mercedes Palomino, Mariana Allievi, Sandra Ruzal, Adrián Turjanski, Marcelo Martí and Darío Fernández Do Porto

Annotation and metabolic network construction of the Probiotic Strain Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC 4356. Visualization in X-OMEQ platform


Juan Félix Orlowski and Marcelo Soria

Using co-occurrence networks techniques: Meta-analysis of soil metagenomic data


Miguel A. Ré

Estimation of independence between discrete and continuous data sets


Inti Pagnuco, Marcel Brun and Virginia Ballarin

Cluster Specific Dunn index for co-expression detection


Luciana Escobar and Luis Diambra

Search for new short peptide in "non-coding" sequences


Ricardo Espinosa Silva, Ernesto Caffarena and Raúl Grigera

Essential dynamics of cold denaturation proteins: Model frataxin Yfh1


Juan Manuel Cabrera and Federico Giri

Evomorph: Evolutionary morphometrics tool using Aegla singularis data


Nicolas Stocchi, María Victoria Revuelta, Priscila Ailin, Mariano Vera and Arjen ten Have

Evolution and Structure-Function Prediction of Eqolisins in Fungi


Laura Lazzati, Santiago Carmona and Fernán Agüero

Software for creating efficient high-density tiling peptide chip designs and performing analysis of peptide microarray data for the identification of antibody epitopes


Nicolás Moreyra, Julian Mensch, Juan Hurtado and Esteban Hasson

Differential expression analysis of cold tolerance adaptation in D. buzzatii by RNA-seq de novo approach


Cristian A. Yones, Georgina Stegmayer, Laura Kamenetzky and Diego H. Milone

miRNAfe: a tool for feature extraction in pre-miRNA prediction


Maria Victoria Revuelta, Facundo Orts, Inti Anabela Pagnuco, Marcel Brun and Arjen ten Have

The alignment of protein superfamily sequences Part I: Identifying Cluster Specific Subsequences (CSS) in Protein Families


Facundo Orts, Maria Victoria Revuelta, Inti Anabela Pagnuco, Marcel Brun and Arjen ten Have

The alignment of protein superfamily sequences Part II: Multiple Alignment Touch-up Engine (MATE)


Maximiliano Distefano, María Florencia Fernandez, Marcelo Golemba, Luisa Sen, Andrea Mangano and Paula Aulicino

Development of an algorithm to predict HIV-1 tropism from V3 loop sequence for BF subtype


Maria Victoria Revuelta, Jan van Kan and Arjen ten Have

Positive Selection is shaping the Evolution of two Aspartic Proteinases in phytopathogenic Botrytis species


Maria Florencia Fernandez, Maximiliano Distefano, Luisa Sen, Andrea Mangano and Paula Aulicino

Improved pipeline to determine HIV-1 tropism for pyrosequencing reads using geno2pheno


Natalia Macchiaroli, Marcela Cucher, Lucas Maldonado, Laura Kamenetzky and Mara Rosenzvit

Genome-wide identification of microRNAs and their targets in the zoonotic parasite Echinococcus canadensis


Francisco Iaconis, Juan Ignacio Specht and Gustavo Gasaneo

The mechanics of fading in the visual system


Diego Zea, Diego Anfossi, Morten Nielsen and Cristina Marino Buslje

MIToS.jl: Mutual Information Tools for prOtein Sequence analysis in Julia


Diego Javier Zea and Cristina Marino Buslje

Gaps matter! Could protein multiple sequence alignment gaps predict protein contacts?


Daniel Koile, Patricio Yankilevich, Maximiliano de Sousa Serro and Morten Nielsen

BoLA (Bovine Leukocyte Antigens) class 1 typing from next-generation-sequence data


Julieta Bonacina, Nadia Suarez and Lucila Saavedra

Genomic insights into Enterococcus faecalis strains isolated from meat


Nicolas Palopoli and Richard Edwards

Large-scale prediction of short linear motifs using structural information from protein-protein interactions


Soledad Ochoa, Diego J. Zea and Cristina Marino-Buslje

Mutational patterns of somatic mutations for a functional classification of human cancers


Yovani Marrero Ponce, Ernesto Contreras Torres, César Raúl García Jacas and Stephen J. Barigye

Novel 3D bio-macromolecular bilinear descriptors for protein science: Predicting protein structural classes


Tadeo Enrique Saldaño, Gustavo Parisi, Sebastián Fernández Alberti and Silvio C. E. Tosatto

Relation between dynamically relevant residues and topological networks parameters


Mariano Torres Manno, Martín Espariz and Lucas Daurelio

Clustering of Bacillus strains with potential plant growth promoting activity by searching specific genetic determinants


Maria Rabaglino, Emiel Post Uiterweer, Elmer Fernandez and Kirk Conrad

Role of endometrium in preeclampia: A molecular signature Supported Vector Machine (SVM) based model for endometrial maturation prediction


Julia Marchetti, Guillermo Benítez, Silvina M. Fornasari and Gustavo Parisi

Analyses of present proteins with reduce number of amino acids support the origin of first proteins from random sequences.


Marcia Anahí Hasenahuer, Karen Gabriela Scheps, Gustavo Parisi, Viviana Varela and Maria Silvina Fornasari

Molecular characterization of novel β-globin variants associated to dominant β-thalassemia


Estefania Mancini, Sabrina Sanchez, Ruben Gustavo Schlaen, Andres Romanowski, Esteban Hernando and Marcelo Yanovsky

Genome-wide analysis of acute effects of ligth on the regulation of alternative splicing in Arabidopsis thaliana


Fiorella Cravero, María Jimena Martínez, Mónica Díaz, Gustavo Vazquez and Ignacio Ponzoni

An Integral framework for QSAR Modelling using Computational Intelligence and Visual Analytics


Agustina Arroyuelo, Jorge A Vila and Osvaldo Martin

Development of a computer application for the construction, visualization and analysis of glycan molecules