Projects at Department of Computer Science in Oxford University - Information Systems Group - University of Oxford

Projects at LCCD Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics - UMIACS - University of Maryland College Park

  • SIMS:  Scalable Incompleteness and Inconsistency Management Strategies
    Nowadays there are plenty of applications which have to deal with incomplete and inconsistent data. In many cases, different users of the same database might have different needs and might want to resolve inconsistency and incompleteness by taking their knowledge of the data into account. Tools for managing inconsistent and incomplete data today do not support such users. The main goal of this project is to provide a single tool to define policies for handling inconsistency and incompleteness according to users' needs.
  • CAGE:  Cultural Adversarial Game Engine
    The goal of the CAGE project is to develop a software platform within which we can rapidly recreate a given part of the world - complete with the "look and feel" of that part of the world and, more importantly, with people who behave in accordance with models of the behaviors of the socio-cultural-ethnic-religious groups to which they belong, and whose behaviors can be predicted through the use of some of our predictive tools such as SOMA and CONVEX (as well as others that may be developed by other researchers).
  • SOMA:  Stochastic Opponent Modeling Agents
    SOMA is a straightforward variant of probabilistic logic programs (PLPs) called action-probabilistic logic programs (ap-programs) that can be used to model the behavior of certain socio-cultural-economic groups in different parts of the world.