Martin Moguillansky Personal Web Page


Hi U there. My name is Martin Moguillansky (מרטין מוגיליאנסקי), but some friends call me Tincho (טינצ'ו). I hold a research position from CONICET at Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS) in ARGENTINA, under the supervision of Guillermo R. Simari from UNS.

I held both PhD and postdoctoral fellowships from the same institutions in the past. My supervisors were Renata Wassermann from Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP) in BRAZIL and Marcelo Falappa from UNS. I hold a computer science degree from UNS, and have completed half of the MSc. in computer science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in ISRAEL.

In this page you will find part of my academic background, scientific publications, and works; but also some of my most beloved activities, like playing music (see SCROM), and doing sports like swimming, diving, and playing football-soccer. There are also some sections dedicated to my friends all around the world and to my ancestral home city, Jerusalem in Israel. Feel free to surf it and contact me.

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